Conquer with us the basics of the art of windsurfing, experience the magic of the sea waves and wind power. Within a few days of training, with our superior teacher and a special technique, you'll love what you are probably only dreamed of. Just a little determination and confidence in yourself, it is necessary to go on an adventure called "exquisite pleasure". Surfing and Windsurfing is a sport that is easy to love and provides endless pleasure when you have mastered the basic techniques to tame the core power of the wind and direct it in the desired direction. The first time that you experience this interesting craft your skills take you exactly where you want to sail, when you feel the sound of the wind and waves have become a "surfer" for all time has elapsed.

School for beginners lasts 8 lessons of 45 minutes, which in practice usually is four days after the hour and a half. The school is organized in groups, up to 4 participants. Our guests have the option of training and training per hour. All our students have at their disposal; boards of various sizes with the sails of various sizes, neoprene suits, surf shoes, simulator ...

Upon completion of the course, attendees get windsurfing equipment two hours for free.

Windsurfing school price is 1.200,00 Kn (~160 €)


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