Today's cycling has become the meaning of life, najprhvatljiviji way of dealing with some kind of vision of recreation. When you think about it yet we lack free time, that time you should dedicate yourself and your health. If you can not otherwise be active, then all we recommend that you at least during the holiday treat, what during the year are not succeeding. We recommend that you simply hire a good quality bike, gear up and go for an unforgettable tour by themselves come up with or accept one of our prijetloga.

Our center also offers over 150 bicycles for rent, divided into three groups of models. In addition to the classic Montainbike and trekking bikes from last year offer is now enriched with one "unisex" model, provided for all types of surfaces. All models are exclusively worldwide brands TREK for which we have found that the most acceptable in terms of quality, design and comfort. Pursuing the idea as our guest to offer the best while maintaining an acceptable rental price, we found a way to always have new bikes and the cost of renting the old. For our customers, in addition to the classic rental, we offer a range of supporting facilities, such as a mobile service, the delivery of bicycles to the required destination, rental of accessories (locks, helmets, lights, tools, baskets, saddlebags ...) GPS and maps bike path ... We are doing all that our guests are happy and satisfied.


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