This is our exclusive offer. If you want to avoid crowds, to be alone with your friends and family, quickly arrive to the selected destination, then this trip is your ultimate choice. Excursions are organized as day trips with direct landing on the islands of Brijuni National Park. We organize everything, if desired, from the tickets, guide, electric cars or bicycles, to lunch in exquisite restaurants. Excursions are organized to fulfil desires of our guests in groups of up to 10 passengers with the prior booking.

BIKE EXCURSIONS - Istrian bike tour

Get to know the landscape of the Istrian coast but also the beauty of the interior in a special way. Lovers of cycling, and you who are planning to become cyclists, get involved in one-day or half-day trip, and experience something memorable. We offer: cutting-edge bikes and equipment, expert guidance, necessary facilities and many nice surprises. You can choose the length and difficulty of the course, models of bicycles and facilities during the tour. Excursions are organized in groups of up to 25 cyclists.


Fishing from the boat away from the shore with the waves and hitch a fishing line is a pleasure that you must try.

Fish with us and professional fisherman and you will have an unfrogetable experience. Fishing trips are organized in the early morning or late evening and last for 4 hours.

Price includes everything for a carefree pleasure and enjoyment of recreational fishing from the boat, and that is: equipment, baits, fishing licenses, professional accompaniment and a drink of your choice.


From the heat and bustle of Porec beach escape for a day in the green Gorski Kotar, feel fresh mountain air and the charm of the river Kupa, the idea of which is hard to resist. Full day excursion, starts in the morning, and our minivans will take you to Kupa river tin about an hour and a half.

Rafting, kayaking, canoeing, canyoning or caving ... While you decide what to choose, our guide team is ready to take you in a new unforgettable experience. Programs are planned and organozed daily by our skilled professionals with complete equipment for the selected program. Upon completion of attractive, memorable and strenuous activity remains you to visit an authentic mountain restaurant and dine mountain delicacies.

Excursions are organized upon rezervation.

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