Holidays at sea should not be just slleeping on the beach, especially for those guests who otherwise have little opportunity to deal with the side active. With that, the company Euro Spektar Ltd. Porec has many years of experience and offers to its guests a wide range of options to do different, sporting and recreational activities. Our sports center is organized as a modern space equipped with high quality equipment and accessories for sports, entertainment and recreation. We are located in a beautiful bay Sesula, in the central part of the famous tourist complex Zelena Laguna in Porec.

Our vast experience in providing sports and recreational tourism, the value that drives us to do our offer richer and better quality from year to year. Offer our center provides is a variety of leisure and entertainment throughout the summer season. Every customer of our service is provided with professional and quality service that will put a smile on your face while enjoying the activities that we offer!

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